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Collective Worship

Collective Worship


Collective Worship is a statutory requirement for all schools in England and Wales.  At Bickleigh Down C of E Primary School, Collective Worship is so much more than this.  It is a time where the school family meets together, learns together, reflects together, a time within which children and staff are given a time to be still, to engage and if they feel called, respond. 








Key Stage 1

Whole School Worship


Key Stage Worship

Class Worship

Whole School Worship with Father Simon

Key Stage 2

Whole School Worship

Class Worship


Key Stage 2 Worship

Whole School Worship with Father Simon


Children Leading Worship


At Bickleigh Down C of E Primary School children leading worship is a central part of what we do as a school.  The children will have the following responsibilities.


Before Collective Worship

During Collective Worship

After Collective Worship

Setting up

The children will:

  • Selecting and setting up CD
  • Putting out chairs
  • Prepare the worship table
  • The children will ring the bell to call the school to worship.


The children will:

  • Saying a welcoming sentence.
  • Organise school notices.

Clearing up 

The children will:

  • Hold doors open for those leaving.
  • Put away equipment and chairs.
  • Turn off candles.



The children will:

  • Greet the other children at door
  • Meet visitors at main entrance (and help them to set up)


The children will:

  • Introduce a visitor or the storyteller
  • Take part in Drama activities such as Open the Book.
  • Support teachers with music, video clips and PowerPoint slides.


The children will:

  • Record a log book detailing what the school had learnt about in Collective Worship.
  • Ask the visitor or the person leading worship to sign the log book to say that it is a true representation of what they have learnt.


The children will:

  • Choose music and songs to be sung in worship that link to our theme.
  • Write their own prayers to share at the end of worship.


The children will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask and answer questions.
  • Read or saying prayers.
  • Leading actions or signing to songs.


The children will have the opportunity to:

  • Use the Imaginor Evaluation grid.
  • Work together to look at evaluations and plan the next steps for Collective Worship.
  • Share evaluation findings with Governors and school SLT.



The children will have the opportunity to:

  • Switch off the candles.
  • Saying the ‘Grace’ or other closing prayer


Format taken from 'Children leading worship' by Helen Matter.









What have we been learning about in Collective Worship?

21st September 2020

This week in worship we have been continuing to focus on our Christian value of 'Hope'.  We have been thinking about why some people sing the song 'Jesus hope of the nations'.  We read the story of creation and thought about what hopes there might have been for God's people at the start of time.  We found out that Adam and Eve didn't follow God's instructions had had to leave the garden.  We wondered what their future rescuer might be like and we made wordles of adjectives to describe them.  Later in the week we thought about what our hopes for the future might be and recorded our ideas using the windows, mirrors and doors sheets.

15th September 2020

This week in worship the children have been thinking about bringing hope to the world around them.  Their discussions have focused upon plastic pollution and being stewards of the world.  In class worship, the children have come up with changes that we can make in our school community to lower the amount of plastic we use.


Here are some of Year 4's suggestions for how we could reduce the amount of plastic that we use as a school...

7th September 2020


Welcome back to all of our Bickleigh Down family.  Collective Worship might look a little different this term but we have worked hard to ensure that it is still a time of engagement, reflection and action.  We will be meeting in class bubble groups and hearing from people in our school community via video link.  We are also looking forward to Father Simon joining us (via the computer) for Friday worship.


This term in Collective Worship we will be finding out about our value of Hope.  We will be investigating the key verse for this value which is:


Jeremiah 29:11

 11 For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Later in the term, we will find out about why hope is important for everyone and the impact that it has on the lives of believers.

During their class worship time, 3AL have been thinking of ways to spur someone on with love and bring them hope.  The children wrote a list of pledges for the week, we look forward to seeing them living out our school vision.

Special Messages

In worship today the children had some very special messages from staff at our school and those who have worked with them over the last few terms.  All the messages were to spur them on with love.  The children were very excited to receive a message from the team at CBBC!

A message from Ben at CBBC..mp4

Still image for this video

A Message from Luke Pollard MP..mp4

Still image for this video

A message from Martha Shaw - London Southbank University.MOV

Still image for this video

13th July

This week in school, we have been thinking about our aspirations for the future.  We have listened to lots of stories about people who have aspired to do amazing things and we found out that even when you reach your goal, you might still have an aspiration to do something more.  In our class and bubble groups we talked about our aspirations for the future and the things that we would need to do to reach our goals.  In the Bible it says that 'I can do all this through him who gives me strength' (Philippians 4:13).  Many Christians believe that God gives them the strength to deal with the challenges and achieve their goals.  As a Bickleigh Down family, we will continue to 'spur each other on with love' so that we all reach our goals. 


Have a look at the documents below to find out what our aspirations for the future are.

In worship this week, the children also found out about Noah's story.  In bubble groups, the children thought about the different themes within Noah's story and looked at why Noah might have had to be aspirational with the task that God had asked him to do.  Later in the week, the children thought about the rainbow as a symbol of hope, created their own rainbows and wrote their aspirations for the future.

6th July 

This week in Collective Worship the children have continued to find out about forgiveness.  They have listened to stories from the Bible where forgiveness is shown by Jesus and thought about what it means to know someone's heart.  The children have also thought about forgiveness in action and how we can actively try to forgive those people who have upset us.

29th June 2020

This week in worship we have started to find out about our Christian value of Forgiveness.  The children have talked about who they might need to forgive and who might need to forgive them.  They have listened to stories from the Bible and discussed what they teach Christians.  Towards the end of the week, the children made their own forgiveness flowers and reflected upon what forgiveness meant to them.

22nd June

This week in worship the children have continued to find out about our Christian value of love.  We have looked at different versions of the parable of the Lost Sheep and talked about what it means for Christians.  The children found out that the parable was written to teach Christians that God would always look for them if they go astray.  The children discussed how much Christians believe God must love them and thought about what this means for churches.  Later in the week, the children talked about their own community and how they are all individuals within their classes, bubbles and homes who can offer different things.  They thought about what made them who they are and shared these skills and values inside a sheep shape.  The children concluded that as a school we are all individuals but we all value and care about each other, if one was lost or sad we would find them and bring them back into our Bickleigh Down family.

15th June 2020


This week in worship the children have been finding out about our Christian value of Love.  They have found out about what the Bible says about how much God loves his people and have thought about how they could show love to each other in school and whilst learning at home.  Father Simon led worship on Friday and focused on how Christians believe God shows love to his people.

8th June 2020

This week in Collective Worship, the children have been learning about our Christian Value of Love.  The children read  Mark 12:31 which says 'The second commandment is this Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.'  After they had read these verses together they thought about who their neighbours were and were surprised to find out that everyone is their neighbour!  Next the children thought about how they could show love at home, in our school community and in our local community. They made class charters and thought of loving actions that they could show to their friends like 'sharing a smile' or 'waving at a friend'. Here are some of the children's ideas for living out this value and our school vision of 'spurring each other on with love'.

Reflection Opportunities for Home


Below you will find downloadable reflection opportunities that you can use with your child at home during their time away from school.  Each of the reflections link to one of our school Christian values. If you choose to use one of these reflections with your child then please feel free to use them as a menu and choose the activities that your child would like to do.  For example, your child may choose not to use the prayer but might want to complete the activity.

Collective Worship Planning

Autumn Term (1) 2020 Collective Worship Planning

Summer Term (2) 2020 Collective Worship Planning

Spring Term (2) 2020 Collective Worship Planning

Spring Term (1) 2020 Collective Worship Planning