Bickleigh Down CofE Primary School

‘Spurring each other on with love’

Curriculum Statement

‘Spurring each other on with love’


Through our Christian vision of ‘spurring each other on with love’, we acknowledge our responsibility to all, to enrich lives and show love and respect within our school family. We believe in lifelong learning, aiming to equip our children to live life today and for tomorrow, rooted in our Christian values of Love, Aspiration, Forgiveness, Hope and Spirit.



At Bickleigh, we believe our curriculum should provide all of our children with a solid foundation of key knowledge that encourages, inspires and supports them to achieve and exceed their potential. We want our children to develop a lifelong love of learning; to be curious, motivated and excited about coming to school.   

Our curriculum and pedagogical approach is regularly reviewed and is influenced by ongoing educational research into effective teaching practices and how knowledge and understanding develop. This research acts as a guide for the consistency and distinctiveness of our curriculum and allows us to adapt teaching and learning to precisely meet the needs of individuals, groups and cohorts so that they achieve the best possible outcomes. Our curriculum content is coherently planned, progressive and sequenced to build upon prior learning.  It is designed, adapted and developed for pupils with SEN and/or disabilities. It enables all to reach the highest possible standards through ambitious, broad and balanced activities. 

We recognise that progress means knowing more and remembering more whilst revisiting and recalling previously learned knowledge.  We want learning to stick, so that children’s knowledge can build upon and connect with previous knowledge.  We understand the importance of the curriculum being carefully planned so that the right knowledge is in the right order.  This ensures the building blocks of what children need to know to succeed are in place.  Assessment is a fundamental part of our curriculum design and enables us to review and evaluate its success, adapting where necessary so that our children achieve well.  We have developed a curriculum aligned with the National Curriculum and our Devon locally agreed syllabus with rich learning opportunities that enable the children to develop transferable knowledge and skills.  Curriculum subjects are carefully positioned across the year and partnered with others that allow enhanced opportunities for the development of knowledge and skills.  Within our curriculum planning, reading is prioritised to allow pupils to access the full curriculum offer.  Mathematical fluency and confidence in number are also regarded as preconditions of success across the national curriculum and our curriculum offer reflects the emphasis on these skills.  We have high expectations of all children and expect them to take pride in their learning. We want our children to talk about their learning: to know how they are doing so that they understand their next steps. We want our children to understand how we learn: to recognise different learning habits in themselves and others and adopt positive strategies. Children at Bickleigh Down will learn how to be resilient, resourceful, develop meaningful relationships and reflect upon their learning. In their journey with us, they will learn that making mistakes is an opportunity and taking risks in their learning is a good thing. We want our children to be up for a challenge.  We want children to develop their knowledge of what makes them who they are; to understand ‘what makes me, me and you, you’.

Alongside this, we want our children to experience and appreciate a broad and balanced curriculum and be exposed to and inspired by a diverse range of opportunities.  We believe this will provide them with the skills and knowledge which will prepare them for successful, healthy lives in the ever changing world in which they live, to adopt fundamental British Values and be responsible citizens with strong moral standards and able to contribute to society.