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Online Safety


The experts at Virgin Media have created a children's internet safety test to help build awareness for parents and children to ensure they are better protected online a link to the test is below for you to try out.

O2 have provided some information to help keep children safe online which also gives guidance around when your child gets their first phone.

Our Computing curriculum provider, Purple Mash, have released the following document to assist parents in understanding the everchanging digital world.  The document is full of advice and guidance in understanding online safety.

These guides give you information about apps, software and new tech hardware.  They are easy to use and highlight how to make simple setting changes as well as explaining potential risks of each product.

Online safety is an important aspect of your child's life. Whilst we teach it within our school curriculum, it is important that as a parent, you stay up to date with the latest information that is around.


A website which gives regular updated information is:


This website looks at how to keep your child safe online as well as the many other aspects of Internet safety and issues that are currently arising.  It also contains a really helpful page on how to set up devices, consoles, broadband networks and social media with parental controls for safer use.  The link to that page can be found here: Parental Controls & Privacy Settings Guides - Internet Matters


Another website which you will find particularly useful is the common sense media link:


This website covers many different aspects of the Internet as well as gaming and apps. It also provides information on many games, giving detailed reviews of whether a game may or may not be appropriate for your child.