Bickleigh Down CofE Primary School

‘Spurring each other on with love’


Behaviour Principles

At Bickleigh Down CE Primary, we believe:

All children have a right to learn.

All children are entitled:

  • to respect
  • to work in a safe, secure and caring environment conducive to effective and stimulating learning

All teachers are entitled to:

  • co-operation and respect
  • the right to teach without undue disruption caused by unacceptable behaviour
  • expect a high standard of acceptable behaviour from children
  • identify the cause of unacceptable behaviour, help to modify it and seek help and support from others
  • give priority to the majority whilst at the same time recognising the needs of the individual child

Everyone at Bickleigh Down School is committed to ensure that all children regardless of origin, language, appearance, colour, gender, religion or ability should have EQUAL opportunity to fulfil their individual potential.

Any behaviour by an adult or child that does not reflect the above statement is unacceptable.

Please see the Behaviour Policy on this page for further information.