Bickleigh Down CofE Primary School

‘Spurring each other on with love’

Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year One!


1S Class Teacher is Miss Squires


1CP Class Teachers are Mrs Cusack  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) & Mrs Pring (Thursday and Friday).


Year One's Learning Support Assistants (LSA) are Mrs Perryman and Mrs Collier


PE – this will be on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Books – Each week the children will be given the opportunity to change their reading book . 

Drinks – Please ensure your child has a NAMED bottle of water with them each day. Fruit is still provided but they now take this into the playground. 

Diaries – The children are asked to bring their diary in each morning; please encourage your child to show their diary to the class teacher if there is a written message to ensure the teacher reads it as soon as possible.


Homework -  Please continue to read with your child whenever possible (15 minutes per day) and practise the sounds on the speed sound charts that can be found further down this page. Spellings will be sent home as appropriate to learn for a spellings quiz on Mondays. 


Thank you.



Thursday 24th March


English - Capital letters are used for names. Look through some story books you have at home and look for names with capital letters at the start.


Maths  - Please look through the teaching slides and complete the attached sheet.

Friday 25th March


English - Today we are looking at how we extend sentence using the words and, because or but. Look through the story and find some examples. Give your child a sentence starter and see if they can write it and extend it using these words, it doesn't have to be exactly from the story but should link. e.g. Boa was feeling sad because.... Orang-utan gave him a piano but...

Please make sure every sentence has a capital and full stop, you must also use a capital for Boa's name. 


Maths  - Please complete the end of block assessment. We have also been practicing doubles in class up to double 10


Geography - Please complete the attached sheet on weather. Help your child to find the places and discuss how the colours and key help us to learn about the weather in each place.


Maths and Geography sheets