Bickleigh Down CofE Primary School

‘Spurring each other on with love’

Year 3

Welcome to Year Three-Summer Term

Dear Parents,

The teaching team this half term is Mrs Allen, Mrs Luckett and Miss Gayatao. Mrs Worth and Mrs Quest are our Teaching Assistants. Mr Harden will be teaching computing, in 3G and 3AL on a Wednesday morning. Mr Harden will also be teaching RE in 3AL on a Friday afternoon and Miss Freeman will be teaching RE in 3G on a Wednesday morning. Mr Harden will be teaching History on Monday afternoon.

Mrs Allen will teach 3AL on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Luckett will teach in 3AL on Thursday and Friday. If you wish to speak to any of the staff, please put a note in your child's diary, send an email or if it is a quick message, catch us at the door.  If your child has a note for us in their diary, please remind them to show us as we do not check this in Key Stage Two.

Spellings and Multiplication tables.

Your child will have brought home a spelling log and multiplication tables book. Inside the front cover of these are explanations of how our Year 3 systems work. Spelling tests take place every Friday. The set spellings for each week can be found in the home communication book or class webpage. Multiplication tables tests will take place every Wednesday. If your child gets 100% in their tables twice in a row, they will move onto the next multiplication table. Please ensure your child is practising spellings and tables at home daily. Tests go in the back of the books and the front is for practise at home.

Each week, five of their words will be common exception words and the other 5 will follow a pattern that we have taught in class. The children will be given an example of these words but will be tested with any 5 words that follow the pattern. We have left the old spelling lists in the folder as these give good examples of the spelling patterns.

Multiplication Tables can also now be practised through Times Tables Rock Stars. Your child's login details have been transferred into their new Summer Term Diary.


Your child should bring home their Reading Renaissance book from the library each day to enable them to read daily at home. Once they have read their book and understand it fully, they will complete a quiz on it in class. The results of their quiz will determine the level of the next book they choose. If they achieve 100% they will move up one level, 90% will mean they stay on the same level as will 4/5 or 2/3. If their score is 80% or below they will move down a level. If they get 4/5, 9/10 or 2/3 3 times in a row, they will also move up a level.


For this term we would like the children to focus on practising their spellings, times tables and reading.


This term the children be doing athletics and practising for Sports Day. Our Outdoor and Adventurous unit of work will include orienteering activities around the school grounds and further afield. PE will be on Monday and Thursday but children should have their PE kit in school all week.

Certificates and Awards

Whole school awards will be on a Wednesday and you are welcome to attend from 08:55-09:15am. If your child has achieved their Headteacher award they will receive a note in their diary, but if they have achieved bronze, silver or gold there will not be a note and your child will either tell you or you will be able to see it has been completed in the back of their diary. An adult will initial the 10th merit to show the certificate has been written. If you are unable to attend an awards assembly but would like to do so, please let us know if you want an award holding back for another week. Reading certificates will take place on a Tuesday in the class worship (not open for parents). 

Lastly, please make sure that every item of clothing, water bottles, lunchboxes etc. is named so that anything which goes missing can quickly be returned. We would like to remind you that the children should only bring water to drink in the classroom and that children must have a labelled drink in school. The children will no longer be provided with snack at break time and will need to bring this in for themselves if they wish. They are allowed to bring in fruit products only. Please label this and keep it separate from their lunch box so it can be placed in their pouch for ease of access.

We thank you for your support and look forward to a great Spring term.

The Year 3 Team